Upgrading My Free Time

We live in an increasingly busy world where free time is far and in between. This scarcity of time prompted me to re-evaluate how I use my down time and engage in more productive activities that are both relaxing and rewarding. I usually spend free time listening to music, watching YouTube videos, or catching up with friends. As we approach spring and the weather begins to change, my goal for the second quarter of 2019 is to spend more time outside and begin training for next year’s Broad Street Run. Additionally, I want to maximize my time at night or when the weather isn’t cooperative. I’ve begun reading more and listening to audiobooks, streaming podcasts, and fleshing out my own creativity through photography and writing.

This simple modification has helped reduce the “guilt” many of us feel when we take time for ourselves since these activities offer fulfillment and work toward the goal of continuous improvement. Additionally, restructuring my free time has actually shown me that I have more free time than I thought, I just needed to leverage it more effectively.

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